About us

About Brisbane Malayalee Association (BMA)

At the heart of the Brisbane Malayalee Association (BMA) lies a passion for fostering unity and growth within the Malayalee community. As a non-profit organization, our mission is to cultivate a dynamic platform that propels social, cultural, charitable, educational, and literary activities. We are committed to nurturing cooperative endeavours that benefit our members’ well-being, while also engaging in collaborative efforts with other communities.

Empowering Cultural Flourish

Dive into a tapestry of vibrant cultural programs, spirited sports events, and enriching initiatives, all woven into the fabric of our tradition and heritage. BMA is a cornerstone for community well-being, providing a canvas for members to hone their innate skills, shine a spotlight on their latent talents, and amplify their leadership and organizational prowess.

Enriching Legacy, Enriching Lives

BMA is unwavering in its commitment to preserve and celebrate the cultural legacy of Kerala. From immersive cultural events to dedicated support for sports activities, literary pursuits, and charitable ventures, we leave no stone unturned to uphold our values. We invite you to join hands with us in this Endeavor, as we strive for collective success.

Embracing Heritage

Hailing from the southernmost state of India, Kerala, we proudly call ourselves Malayalees. Kerala’s nickname as “God’s Own Country” aptly describes its breathtaking landscape of emerald paddy fields, majestic coconut groves, tranquil backwaters, flowing rivers, and lush forests. Our shared language, Malayalam, unites us under the moniker “Malayalees,” affectionately known as “Mallus” by our younger generation. Our state has a storied history of trade with regions including the Middle East, China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Europe, making Kerala a crossroads of cultures. Other monikers associated with Kerala include “India’s Malabar Coast” and the “Land of Adi Sankara.”

As you step into the world of BMA, you’re not just entering an association; you’re joining a rich architecture of culture, heritage, and community. Together, let’s weave a story of unity, growth, and pride, reflecting the values that bind us as the Brisbane Malayalee Association.